Living With Exaggeration

English, Life

I was always an overreacter, exaggerator, and a dramatic person all my life. Come on I am a Gemini 🙂

When I was a kid, my parents tried to make me “normal” and a calmer person. during my high school and university years, my friends or boyfriends were telling me to slow down and be “normal”. What is normal and why did have to I suppress myself?

After long years, when I look back, I realize that I had lots of friends and I collected lots of different memories compared to those people who were holding themselves back. During those times, I was judging myself and trying to act calmer and more stable. However, when I think about those days, I regret that I listened to the others and gave them great importance or felt guilty.

I feel like doing the things I love and want things over the top, isn’t something bad.

If you like to learn about something, anything, read it until your eyes get melted. If you feel like getting dressed up on a casual day, do it. Or if you feel like laughing loud, crying and shouting, do it all.

Love with passion. Even if your own lover finds your love “too much”, don’t hold yourself back from that feeling. Feeling something is good, and it needs encouragement.

And wear sun glasses on the cloudy days😏😎

Stay with Love x