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Some things take time.

Some things take time. Last week, a part of a book that I was reading caught my attention. It was about people being too optimistic when making decisions for important stuff in their lives. They think that their plans will happen in shorter time periods and base their expectations on the timing in their minds… Continue reading Some things take time.

Coconut the Toy-Poodle, English

The Resonance Principle and Coco the Toy-poodle

In the universe, every single thing, thought, person, subject and energy have a resonance. Whether we do or do not feel it, we attract and/or repulse the situations and people surrounding us in accordance with our resonance frequency. And as you might know, it is said that the dogs are like their owners. As a… Continue reading The Resonance Principle and Coco the Toy-poodle

Coconut the Toy-Poodle

How is it like having a toy-poodle pup?

Toy poodles are the cutest creatures of the world. They are playful, loyal, lovely, funny and looks adorable. However there are some facts that every person has to accept before adopting a dog. Image: Coconut the Toy-Poodle First of all, all kind of pups needs too much attention and you can't predict that they know… Continue reading How is it like having a toy-poodle pup?