Relationships as Healers

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Relationships are the most important and clear teachers. They are the teachers mirroring the parts that needs healing the most.

Most of us get angry to our partners for getting triggered, but how about using these triggers to find the root of this trigger and start healing.

I just read about this simple practice to how to find the roots of our triggers.

Let’s work with an example. When I get hurt because I feel like my my partner looks at other woman;

1. State the trigger and how it makes you feel

You look at other woman and it makes me feel insecure.

2. Replace “you” your partner with “I”

I look at other women and it makes me feel insecure.

3. Does this feels right to you and make sense?

Sometimes it is really you partner being hurtful, but this is a good way to know the difference.

4. If you decide that the trigger is about your shadows, write the sentence to your journal and start working on that. Focus on the “I” word.

5. Try to fing the root by finding the accurate word for the trigger. In this example it can be “ugly” or “not being good enough”.

It works very good on me. Maybe you can give it a go.

Stay with Love xx

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