Being a Hugger

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What do you think about giving or receiving hugs?

I love it TBH.

It breaks all the distances and makes me feel like I am close to the person even if I just met him/her.

Especially in big cities with diverse nationalities, people are struggling to find a way to greet each other. Should we kiss one, twice or is just a handshake more than enough, or is it too distanced and cold? Of course, it highly depends on the occasion and where you meet that person. If we are talking about a business meeting there is no contradiction there and just a handshake will be enough and proper. However, when I think about the people we meet in our personal life such as friends of friends or a random person you meet in a pub or in an art gallery, I think we can be open for a hug.

The Sanskrit word Namaste literally means “I bow to you”. It is a greeting in the meaning that I am greeting your Divine Soul and Being.

When I greet someone and give them a hug, I feel like I am greeting their inner beings and I feel closer and more comfortable. I feel like I am spreading the energy of acceptance and love. And I see they smile and start catching my eye and building eye-contact more easily.

Even if you feel more distant and not feeling comfortable to give or receive a hug with everyone, you can start implementing this in your life with your close friends or family. You will see how surprised they will get and they will smile as a reflex. I even experienced people who start complimenting right after receiving a hug. It shows me that this makes them feel good in some way.

Only if you feel good you can make people feel good.


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