New Moon and the Menstruation Cycle

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Today is the new moon! 7th of December.

I love tracking the phases of the moon. I feel connected to the earth and nature by this.

Back in the day, women were having their periods in sync with the moon. The new moon meant the beginning of the menstruation cycle. Over years, the weaker our relationship has become with nature and so our menstruation cycles lost the sync with the moon.

After I learned this info, I started giving great importance to the moon and its phases and I try to feel the connection. For this, I am doing special meditations on the new moon and full moon dates, I pray on my intention and turning the phases to a ritual.

On the new moon, we can set new intentions and we can start something or plant the seeds to the universe. We can pray for new love, finding a job, opening up a business, starting a hobby or learning a language.

Controversary to the new moon ritual, on the full moon, we can finish what we have started or we can initiate on the unnecessary ties to get cut. For example, we can decide to outgrow a habit or end a romantic relationship, if they are not serving us well anymore.

The more we get connected to the moon, the more we can feel the connection with our body, mind and the mother nature.


  1. burn sage, clean the energy of your body and the space you live in
  2. light a candle
  3. set your intentions
  4. write them to a paper
  5. meditate
  6. repeat them as much as it is needed until the full moon
  7. burn the paper with a ritual on the full moon

Speaking of the mother nature, I want to recommend you a song that I love to listen while doing my rituals and when I want to feel the connection with nature.

Hope you enjoy 🙂

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